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By prioritizing the community, CryptOps believes that it can create lasting connections and experiences that go beyond just Q&A and contribute to the overall success of the projects it works with.




Who are We?

With over five years of experience, our team members possess extensive
knowledge of the Blockchain products we work on and specific knowledge
of the industries we serve. In addition, our experienced, committed, and
innovative community managers are key to our dynamic communities


Our Services

Marketing - Growth

  • Community growth events (Airdrops) checkmark-outline
  • Twitter Spaces, Telegram or Discord Text or Voice AMAs checkmark-outline
  • Hard shilling checkmark-outline
  • Partnerships with crypto communities & organizations checkmark-outline
  • Cross-marketing operations with potential partners checkmark-outline
  • Ambassador Program checkmark-outline
  • Crypto PR
Most Popular

Software Development

  • Smart Contract Developing checkmark-outline
  • NFT Developments checkmark-outline
  • Website Integrations checkmark-outline
  • App Building and Web3 Integrations checkmark-outline
  • Enterprise blockchain development checkmark-outline
  • DeFi Solutions

Community Management

  • Managing community checkmark-outline
  • Project updates checkmark-outline
  • Daily unique content (web3 & crypto market updates, Memes, etc.) checkmark-outline
  • Engagement dialogs (Interact with the community to have more dynamic community) checkmark-outline
  • Soft shilling

Social Media Management

  • Project updates checkmark-outline
  • Daily unique social media content (web3 & crypto market updates, etc.) checkmark-outline
  • Engagement Posts (Interact with the followers to gain their trust) checkmark-outline
  • Competitor Analysis checkmark-outline
  • Target Follower Analysis checkmark-outline
  • Mention, DM & Comments checkmark-outline

Content Management

  • Preparing weekly regular articles checkmark-outline
  • SEO friendly checkmark-outline
  • English, Turkish, French & German language options checkmark-outline
  • Sectoral updates + project updates checkmark-outline
  • Project introduction video checkmark-outline
  • TikTok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts content

Turkish Market Operations

  • Turkey is one of the most crypto-adoptive countries, with over 7M monthly active traders and high web traffic rank on platforms like Binance, Tradingview, and CMC. checkmark-outline
  • checkmark-outline
  • Turkey is an up-and-coming crypto market, and we have the expertise to help you grow in both Turkish markets.

Contactus now !

Feel free to reach us by Mail or on Telegram quickly.


Adsız tasarım - 2023-06-17T131020.442

General Manager

Ayşen Alahabalı

grid_0 (1)

Co-General Manager


Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-04T213604.428

Head of Development

Veli Uysal

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-05T173224.849

Head of Marketing

Ali Barış Aktaş

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-05T161817.788

Operations Specialist

Yasemin Biçer

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-10T151842.146


Murat İnce

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-01T174012.965

Collaborations Manager

Ahmet Faruk Avluklu

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-05T145248.812

Head of Community

Lokman Onur

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-01T174434.817

Community Specialist

Hamit Canbakış

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-01T174211.711

Content Writer

Tahir Turan

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-01T174050.824

Linguist (French & German)

Gizem Bıyıkoğlu

Adsız tasarım - 2023-03-01T190555.831

Social Media Specialist

Berfin Doğa Sandık

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